Let's Talk Recipes & Photos:

Are all your recipes original?  

Yes! I personally develop, test, and re-test all of my creations before selling in my Shop! They're ran through Copyscape also, which is an anti-plagiarism site. Recipes may share common ingredients, but from start to finish everything will be written in my own words.  You can be assured that a recipe from me has been specifically created just for you!

 Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds will not be issued. However; if you see an issue with your recipe or images upon download, please let me know right away so I can correct my error!

How do I receive my purchases?

Upon completion of your purchase, the recipe and images are available for immediate download. They are also delivered in a zip file straight to your email for download. No waiting!

Will I have full Copyrights to the images, will I own them?

UPDATED: Yes! Buyers will receive FULL copyright upon purchase. I may use 1 or 2 images for my portfolio or social media. 


Do you have a Portfolio or sample of you work?

Yes!  Here's the link to my Portfolio: