Hi there, I'm Vicky! I reside in the Bluegrass state with my amazing husband and six wonderful boys, including a set of twins! My love for potatoes is endless, in any form. No fry left behind is my motto!

I may use too many exclamation marks, but I can't help myself when it comes to exclamation marks - they just add so much excitement! As a little girl I used to spend time looking through cookbooks, never dreaming my life would involve looking at my large cookbook collection all the time! Oh, and I have a soft spot for pugs and sunny days ☀️  Most days, you'll find me with my hair up in a bun and apron on, singing Christian songs way off-key!

I'm an occasional blogger myself at Little Chef Within. I started a blog to encourage my kids to cook and discovered my love for food photography!

As a passionate recipe developer and food photographer, I understand the importance of creating stunning visuals that will make your recipes stand out. With years of experience in the kitchen and behind the camera, I have an enthusiastic group of taste testers who relish trying out my latest creations. Let me help you elevate your online presence with delectable recipes and breathtaking photos that will leave your audience coming back for more.

Let's work together to showcase your brand and take it to the next level.


Check out my portfolio for a glimpse of my work!