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Written Untested Recipes

Written Untested Recipes

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Written Untested Recipes

This purchase is for a Written Untested Recipe. The only difference between this option and my other untested recipe product, All the Extras!, is that this recipe is already selected for you. No need to come up with a recipe to create; the work is already done for you! No waiting for me to create your recipe—just view the available recipes, make your choice and download.

Please view the images to see the Monthly search volume for each recipe. If you would like a list of the ingredients, please ask.

**I will refresh new recipes each week and delete the ones that are sold, making it easier for you to view available options.

Contact me before selecting this option if you have any questions not covered here.

What is included with this Written Untested Recipe?

  • Copyscape verified recipe
  • Easy to follow recipe
  • Each recipe includes at least 400+ words of pre-written content that bloggers can directly insert into their blog post.

If you would like to choose your own Recipe, please view this option: please click here

Please Note: This is an untested recipe, so you will need to have a basic understanding of cooking. These recipes should be accurate as is, but occasionally you may find you need to add more seasoning or a small amount of liquid along the way. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

I've been successfully offering this untested recipe service for almost a full year, and I'm very happy to say I have many satisfied repeat clients each and every week. If you're new to this, here is the breakdown:

I'm excited to offer you a unique opportunity to purchase my untested recipes. With almost 30 years of experience in creating recipes for my large family of 8, I've honed my skills to the point where I can confidently create recipes with precision, often without the need for extensive testing. I'm also the first graduate of the new Pretty Focused Food Blog Recipe Development Course, which is very thorough and extensive. Therefore, I'm well equipped to meet your recipe development needs.

However, it's essential to note that while my expertise allows for remarkable accuracy, there are no guarantees when a recipe hasn't undergone rigorous testing. For this reason, I must refrain from offering chemistry-based recipes, particularly desserts, where the margin for error is higher. I value both your trust and my culinary integrity too much to take such risks. Rest assured that with other recipes, I'm committed to delivering the best possible culinary experience.

Why would you charge for an Untested recipe?

Good question! The answer is when I do untested recipes, I create a recipe on my own, I do not use AI, I do not do recipe adaptations of other people’s recipes. ALL my recipes are unique. I then take that recipe and make sure it passes Copyscape, then I cross reference it against several cookbooks (I’m very old school, and have a large cookbook collection!), I do this to ensure that my recipe should be rock solid before I ever send it off to you! Finally, I cross check it with online recipes only to make sure they’re not too similar. This takes work and time. I create recipes based on my extensive time in the kitchen, decades of doing this. I'm not a novice at cooking or recipe development, experience is priceless for this service.

So to summarize all of this, you pay not only for my experience in recipe development, but for my time spent researching and trying to be spot on before you create that recipe in your kitchen! I would never take your trust in me for granted!

Why would anyone purchase an Untested recipe? Who is this for?

  • I understand your concern, and I do offer Fully Tested Recipe Development, however, since there's no groceries to buy and multiple test sessions, I'd like to pass along the savings to you by offering this cheaper option.
  • Maybe Recipe Development is your bottleneck, slowing down your blogging, or photography, or maybe it's just not your cup of tea, and you'd prefer to leave it to someone with more experience?
  • Maybe you have several recipe testers and need multiple recipes each week?
  • Perhaps you have a passion for photography and prefer to leave the recipe development to someone else.
  • Less Stress: For some bloggers and photographers, having a ready-made comprehensive recipe package available for purchase can reduce stress and even be exciting.

You will receive the following information with each recipe:

-What will I need to complete this recipe?

-What supplies will I need?

-How should I store my recipe, how to reheat & freeze.

- What are substitutions that I can make? 

-What should I serve with my recipe?

-Recipe FAQs (Top 5 or more of the most commonly asked questions for this recipe)

-Keywords + Search Volume (Per Month)

-Sales Listing and Ingredients 

* After purchase you will receive an email that includes a link for the download. If you have any issues, please contact me. Thanks!

*Due to the nature of this product, no refunds will be given after your recipes have been downloaded. But if you have any questions or concerns about the recipe, please let me know. 

*Please download within 5 days, all files will be deleted after 1 week from purchase.

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